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Whether you need to answer a divorce complaint or want to adopt a child, file a bankruptcy, establish paternity and visitation update your estate plan, or have questions about bankruptcy, James Lentz stands ready to assist.

James Lentz uses text messages, e-mails and voice calls to stay in frequent contact with his clients.  For legal research he uses the most up-to-date computer research available.  James Lentz has online connections with most courts at office and mobile.  He is experienced in discovery of computerized information and data - important for proper valuation of a family business.

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14 Years Experience Practicing in Ohio and Michigan

Call OH: 216-410-6345

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family law - wills, trusts, estates  - guardianships - personal bankruptcy

In OH Call 216 - 410 - 6345

In MI Call 517 - 599 - 1416