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James Lentz has significant experience in probate including the following issues:

Divorce for People Over Age 50 

Estate Planning

· Wills, Trusts, Transfer on Death Deeds

· Domesticated Animal Trusts

· Heir assignment for persons not married and not children

· Guardianships

· Private Trustee Services

· Conservatorships

· Will challenge

· Will & Trust storage

· Tax Planning Trusts: GST trusts, Charitable lead and charitable Remainder Trusts

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center


The courthouse for the US Bankruptcy Court in Cleveland, Ohio

James F. Lentz: Ohio & Michigan Attorney at Law


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Bankruptcy was recognized by the U.S. Constitutional Convention as a necessary right of Americans.  If the country were to grow, reasoned the Convention Delegates, its citizens needed the opportunity to make a mistake — and recover from the error.  Americans have always been risk takers, and persons of generous spirit.  Sometimes we need a “do-over”.

For individuals and married couples, there are two forms of bankruptcy.  The two are: Liquidation (Called Chapter 7) and Reorganization (called Chapter 13).  Liquidation obtains from the Court a total discharge of indebtedness—except for secured property.  Secured property includes cars, houses and some appliances.  The bills (except for child support, taxes, most school loans and a few others) simply no longer exist.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy reorganizes and minimizes the debts, but requires some repayment.  The duration of repayment may be as long as five years.


Not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 relief.  A survey called a “means test” is one way the law determines who can file Chapter 7.   But the means test is not the only way to qualify. Call James Lerntz for information.

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Juvenile Law is much more than dealing with juvenile crime.  The “Juvie” court now works on custody and visitation issues for many cases.  It also is a common court for child support and child Social Security Benefit issues.

But it still works with juvenile offenders at every level.  The Juvenile Division of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas is located in a brand new building located at 9300 Quincy in Cleveland. Areas of Juvenile Law with which James Lentz has experience with include:


· Juvenile Traffic defense

· Juvenile felony and misdemeanor defense

· Child support modification

· Child custody modification

· Expunging juvenile convictions

· Establishing paternity for Dad

Child support arrearage assistance.


Jim spends over 75% of his time in Family Law practice.  While divorce, marriage dissolution and marriage annulment  are all a part of Family Law, many new issues fall in this category.  This can be also be a joyous area of the law through step parent adoptions and general adoptions.  We can also try to head off trouble with co-habitation and ante nuptial agreements.  Family Law issues that James Lentz assists with include:


· Divorce

· Dissolution

· Annulment

· Adoption—Including Step-Parent Adoption

· Child Support Modification

· Child visitation  and custody modification

· Ante nuptial agreements

· Co-habitation agreements

Establishing Paternity and Father Visitation Rights